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Class Guides for Fall 2015

CourseInstructorLibrarianClass Meets
COUN 101 Maribel De Leon Irene Truong MW 9:40 AM
ENGL 101 Celeste Candida Stephanie Wells TTH 2:20 PM
ENGL 101       Ken Anderson Adele Enright MW 8:06 AM
ENGL 101       Theresa Freije Jennifer Bidwell MW 11:15 AM
ENGL 101       Edward Ibarra Claudia Rivas MW 7:00 PM
ENGL 101 Katrina Jalloh Irene Truong TTH 8:05 AM
ENGL 101    Daniel Osman Stephanie Wells    M 3:45 PM
ENGL 101 Angela Rhodes Gabriel Beeler TTH 8:05 AM
ENGL 101 Marina Markossian Carolyn Oldham MW 12:50
ENGL 201 Michelle Bean Gabriel Beeler TTH 9:40 AM
ENGL 201 Bill Curington Bruce Guter TH 7:00 PM
ENGL 201   Edward Ibarra Sally Ellis TH 5:25 PM
ENLA 100 Jessica Tapia Stephanie Wells MW 1:25 PM
HUM 111 Carmina Quirarte Jennifer Bidwell TTH 11:15 AM
KIN 194  Kathy Pudelko Gabriel Beeler MW 9:40 AM
LIB 101 Irene Truong Irene Truong MW 2:25 PM
READ 23 Veronica Kortz Irene Truong TTH 8:05 AM
READ 23 Veronica Kortz Stephanie Wells MW 10:35 AM
SOC 120 Brian Brutlag Irene Truong

TTH 8:05 AM

SPCH 100 Casey Jones Gabriel Beeler

S 8:00 AM

SPCH 101       Voiza Arnold    Stephanie Wells

TH 3:45 PM

SPCH 101 Casey Jones Irene Truong

W 3:50 PM

SPCH 101 Wendy Lai Adele Enright

MW 6:30 AM
MW 8:05 AM

SPCH 101 Mary Woudenberg Irene Truong

TTH 11:15 AM

SPCH 140 Wendy Lai Adele Enright MW 11:05 AM


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Library Workshops

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Workshop Guides       Librarian
Avoid Plagiarism:  Write it Right! Carolyn Oldham
Avoid Plagiarism Irene Truong
Avoid Plagiarism Sally Ellis
Advanced Google Search Techniques Adele Enright
Advanced Google Searching Carolyn Oldham
Advanced Google Techniques Sally Ellis
Ebsco Tutorials Carolyn Oldham
Got Articles (Online Databases) Adele Enright
MLA Citations Adele Enright
MLA Cite It Right! Sally Ellis
Plagiarism Adele Enright
Topic Development Adele Enright
Topic Development Carolyn Oldham   
Websites for College Research Carolyn Oldham