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HIST 143 - Gunderson - Fall 2023: Primary Sources in Books

Research guide for HIST 143: History of the United States

Use the Library Catalog to Find Primary Sources in Books

There are many primary sources in library books and ebooks. To find these books, certain keywords are very helpful.

Slave narratives, for example, might be a useful keyword search term.

Most other useful terms are subject search terms. Before you type your keywords, use the drop-down menu under keywords, change it to subject.

To find primary sources in books, the best subject search term is: sources. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN ADVANCED SEARCH. 

Example results with search terms used in image above.

Examples of other possible subject search terms: a person's name, the name of the event, or personal narratives, interviews, diaries, pamphlets, correspondence.

Prominent individuals may have written an autobiography or memoirs. Use the drop-down menu again and change it to author.