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HIST 143 - Gunderson - Fall 2023: Research Checklist

Research guide for HIST 143: History of the United States

Where to look

1. Gale Ebooks (Gale Virtual Reference Library)

2. EBSCO Ebooks

3. RHC Library Catalog

on left side limit to Available Online

Some titles will display "check for available service";

others will link to "no results found"

If you find a book that you need but cannot access

A) Search for the title in Open Library

B) Tell Librarians that you found a bad link in our catalog and you need the book.

Research and Other Help from RHC Librarians
From August 17 – December 4, librarians will be available to answer your questions:

4. Search for your topic in public library catalogs. See links on Find Books & Ebooks tab.