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SPCH 101 - Lai - Intersession 2023: Persuasive Speeches-Databases

Library Orientation for Persuasive Speech Research - Zoom Recording

press play to view Zoom recording of library orientation on persuasive speech research     For Online ASYNC students, you can view the Library Orientation recording for Persuasive Speech Research from Monday, April 20, 2020 by clicking here.

Databases to use for Research for a Persuasive Speech

Opposing Viewpoints Tutorials

SIRS Issues Researcher Tutorials

Examples of Magazines with a Conservative Point-of-View

National Review
Provides first hand reports on national, international, and cultural affairs with focus on Washington and other political hot spots.

American Spectator
A national opinion magazine reaching opinion leaders in business, government & media through its coverage & analysis of business, politics, economics, foreign policy & culture.

Human Events
News items of the week presented through eyes that favor limited constitutional government, local self-government, private enterprise and individual freedom

Examples of Magazines with a Liberal Point-of-View

A journal of politics, economics, education, foreign policy, labor, law and other social issues, literature and the arts.

Investigative reporting, analysis and commentary on major issues of political, economic and social concern. A leading voice for peace and social justice in America.

Mother Jones
Presents articles dealing with national news, investigative reporting, commentary, the arts as well as articles on health, the environment and book