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COUN 101 - Waugh - Spring 2023: Instructions

This is a guide to resources to help complete your Library Scavenger Hunt on GooseChase!

What You Need to Succeed

In order to complete your GooseChase Library Scavenger Hunt, you need the following:

  1. Your Join Code: 8X69V6
  2. Your Team Name as assigned to you. If you forgot which team you are on, check the team rosters below.
  3. Use the Home tab and the GC Resources tab (see above), and the Library website to help you find the answers to your missions.
  4. Read the Player Instructions and How to Play. (Access instructions below)

Team Rosters

Noah Martinez

Zach Bertram

Raylene Torres

Nelissa Vasquez

Keyla Veltman Guerrero

Joseph Estrada

Martin Oseguera

Jose Perez

Tyler Lasater

Katelyn Ahumada

Raquel Castellanos

Andrew Lucero

Leslie Flores

Cindy Mariano

Elysa Castellon

Nelle Eldredge

Carol Carlin

Miguel Reyes

Bridget Hernandez

Elena Muela Olivera

Christian Hernandez

Edward Chinchilla

Jorge Muro

Joseph Guillen

Josue Garcia

Jasmin Vieyra

Leila Vasquez

Madalynn Vazquez

Alejandro Hernandez

Angie Medina

Vicente Barreto

Nate Rodriguez

Vinny Bobadilla

Aldairr Cisneros Noyola

App, Game, and Team Info

Note: Make sure you join the right team! If you forgot your team name, check the team rosters above.

App Features and How to Play