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SOC 116 - Brutlag - Spring 2023: Find Books & Ebooks

Finding eBooks in the Library Catalog

Use Call Numbers to Find Books in the Library

sides of shelves with call number ranges

Our books are organized using the Library of Congress Classification System that makes up the call numbers that help us find a book in the library.

Find Books and Ebooks

The Library Catalog is essentially a search engine to find books, ebooks, and other materials at Rio Hondo Library.


When you find a book, be sure to find the following information:

  • Call Number (the book's address to physically find the book on shelf)
  • Location/Status of Availability (where the book is and if it's available; most books are located in Circulating Book Stacks)


When looking through your library catalog search results, look for titles that say "Available Online" which usually means it's an ebook.


  • If you’re not finding anything with your chosen keywords, try searching synonyms (example: “racial discrimination” instead of “racism”).
  • Books in the library are organized by subject so when you find a book on the shelf, feel free to browse the area to find similar books.
  • Take a look at the Subject terms in the book's catalog record (see above). By clicking on a Subject term, the Library Catalog searches for other books that have the same Subject term.
  • Use quotations to change your keyword search to a phrase search (example: "racial stereotypes" in quotes searches these two words together).

Find Books at Other Libraries

call number labels of books on shelves

If you can't find your book at Rio Hondo Library, try searching the following library catalogs: