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ENGL 201 - Rhodes: Cite Sources in APA


Why Cite?

  • To give credit to the sources you’re using in your research. 

  • It’s the most important way to avoid plagiarism. 

  • Using and acknowledging borrowed ideas and words in a research paper.

Citation styles (such as MLA and APA) show the writer how to properly give credit to sources, both with in-text citations and the Work Cited/References page. They also provide guidance on how to correctly format research papers. 

APA 7 Handbooks in the RHC Library

Citations from Databases

Many databases that the Library subscribes to can show you automated citations for the article you found.

This is a great shortcut but be aware that the citation is not always correct (i.e. wrong capitalization, incorrect punctuation, missing elements, etc.). Be sure to check the citation and verify that it follows the format of MLA 8.

APA 7 Quick Guide