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ENGL 101 - Jeffrey - Fall 2023: Find Books & Ebooks

Use Call Numbers to Find Books in the Library

sides of shelves with call number ranges

Our books are organized using the Library of Congress Classification System that makes up the call numbers that help us find a book in the library.

Off-Campus Access

To access ebooks OFF-CAMPUS, you will be asked to log in with your AccessRio.

Note: If you don't know your AccessRio username and/or password, please click here for login instructions.

Rio Hondo Library Catalog

primo search box

Use the Library Catalog to find books, both in print and online! If you've used the Library Catalog before, you will notice that we have a new interface.

How do I search a library catalog?

The most common search options are:

  • Keyword (Any field)
  • Title
  • Author/Creator
  • Subject

Search by Keyword to get started. Keywords should include the main ideas of your topic and/or synonyms.

How do I locate ebooks?

To locate ebooks, look for records that say Available Online (see the fourth book in the example below).‚Äč

Primo catalog search results

Can I make my search results only display ebooks?

You can apply a filter under Availability (see example below). Select Available online.

If you're feeling extra, check out our other useful filters!

primo catalog filters availability callout

How do I open an ebook to start reading?

Find the view Full Text link under View Online (see example below). This link wlll open up to one of our ebook databases. If you are accessing from off-campus, you will be asked to log in with your AccessRio.

Primo catalog ebook details example

What can I do if I can't find any good ebooks?

  • If you’re not finding anything with your chosen keywords, try searching synonyms (example: “commercials” instead of “advertisement”).
  • Use quotations to change your keyword search to a phrase search (example: "fast food" in quotes searches these two words together).
  • Take a look at the Subject links in the book's catalog record (see below). By clicking on a Subject link, the Catalog searches for other books that have the same Subject term -- like #hashtags!

book record details subject terms

If you are looking for ebooks that offer a more general overview of a topic, we recommend using Gale eBooks (formerly known as Gale Virtual Reference Library). This database is like an academic version of Wikipedia because it has encyclopedia entries that can be searched by keyword or topic. Try searching it now!

Find Books at Other Libraries

call number labels of books on shelves

If you can't find your book at Rio Hondo Library, try searching the following library catalogs: