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ENGL 101 - Jeffrey - Fall 2023: Find Articles

Off-Campus Access

Access from Home
(and off-campus)

To access online databases OFF-CAMPUS, click the database name and enter your Access Rio username and password.

Note: If you don't know your Access Rio ID and password, please click here for login instructions.

What does Peer Review mean?


printout of articles from library databases

Use databases to find online sources and articles about your topic. Use the following databases to start searching!‚Äč

To learn more about and access all of our databases, go to the Library's Online Databases page.


  • If you’re not finding anything with your chosen keywords, try searching synonyms, related words, or different forms of the same word.
  • When you find an article, take a look at its Subject terms or Descriptors. By clicking on a Subject term, the database will search for other similar sources.
  • Use quotations to change your keyword search to a phrase search (example: "Social Media" in quotes searches these two words together).

Newspapers & Magazines vs. Scholarly Journals