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ENGL 101 - Curington - Fall 2020: Home


This library research guide was created to help you with your ENGL 101 research assignment.

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Your Assignment: Project 2 "Imprisonment, Adversity, and the Power of Hope"

You will write AT LEAST eight full paragraphs following the outline structure.

Many find themselves in difficult situations like Andy in Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption.
All of us go through unique, challenging circumstances. In an essay, consider a significant occurrence in your personal life and development. Focus your contrast essay on the difference of life before this
event and life after this event. Somewhere in the body of your essay quote from at least once source
you found on Rio Hondo’s databases. For example, if you were exploring the difference of life after
having lost a parent, you might bring in an interesting quote from an article discussing how losing a
parent can impact a person.

A Few Helpful Hints

Format your paper in MLA format (see page 750 in Patterns for College Writing). You will need a Works Cited page to document the once source you have used.
 Review pages 369-388 as to the qualities of good comparison and contrast writing.
 See your syllabus for grading guidelines

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