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ENGL 201 - Curington - Spring 2021: Home


This library research guide was created to help you with your ENGL 201 research assignment.

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Argumentative Essay

Choose one of the following topics below:  

Topic 1 (Claim of Policy): Argue for a particular policy that school campuses should adhere to in order to keep students safe from gun violence. For example, maybe teachers should be armed? Perhaps metal detectors should be implemented at all schools. Maybe both? Feel free to focus your policy as you see fit, but back your article up with evidence. 

Topic 2 (Claim of Value): Argue the consequences of a social media in society. Is it good? Is it bad? You might limit your discussion to a particular type of online presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and focus on just one group of people (such as young people, students, etc.). While it is okay to discuss the downfalls or advantages of technology, focus your efforts on social media. Try to not take too much of a middle ground with this but, instead, take a clear side. 

  • You must use at least three sources (one must be a source outside of your textbook)
  • Your essay should be at least four full pages of writing, not including your Works Cited Page
  • You may use article(s) or book(s) as secondary sourcesI highly recommend using the library databases for this essay
  • Use the Classical Model for this essay.

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