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Google Tips and Tricks - Spring 2022: Home

Google Tips and Tricks - Spring 2022

Google Tips and Tricks Asynchronous Workshop

The workshop is now closed for Spring 2022

To review the workshop recording and take the quiz, see link below, and the link to quiz on the next tab:

See recording of workshop here:    workshop link

Refer to Workshop Guide for links, activities, and for the quiz.  See link to Workshop Guide here:    Google Tips and Tricks


About this workshop:

In Google Tips and Tricks, we will look at search strategies to efficiently find information on Google.   We look at advanced search techniques.   Google provides a wealth of resources for academic work, and we will learn how to find documents, reports and presentations on topics.    Google is also a place to find public domain and OER sources for classes and assignments.

What to expect:

The workshop is a 45 minute participatory Zoom lesson, with a student quiz at the end. Completion of the quiz is required to receive credit for attending the workshop (a digital badge will be sent to you, which will act as a certificate of completion).  

Questions? Contact Librarian Carolyn Oldham at

A video recording of the workshop will be available April 25 through May 20 for Asynchronous Workshops. This is for students who are unable to attend the Live Zoom event.