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Library Resources During COVID-19: About Covid-19

Resources About Covid-19

This page will provide links to resources available through the Library or freely available online on the novel coronavirus and Covid-19. 

ProQuest Resources

ProQuest gathered a number of Covid-19 relevant resources together into a Coronavirus Research Database to which we already currently have access.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Authoritative and Relevant Resources

About the Coronavirus Research Database (ProQuest)

Search the Coronavirus Research Database (ProQuest)

Additionally, the Coronavirus Research Databases is a database option that can be included or excluded using the “Change databases” option within ProQuest. (By default, it is an included database when searching.) 

JSTOR: Covid-19 Articles

Free access to over 6,000 selected COVID-19-related articles on JSTOR (until 6/30/21):