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Welcome to Library Research Sessions for PSY 200 (Padgett) Fall 2023! 


Grading of assignments — Assignments will be graded and scores forwarded to Professor Padgett a few days after their due dates. For example, grading of Week 1's assignment will take place after it closes on September 3. (Due to variability in short answer wording, possible content changes in Library Catalog/databases, and the need to exercise judgment in assigning partial credit, automated scoring of assignments isn't used.)

Week 2 assignment — Lesson and assignent for Week 2 will be available on Wednesday this week, with a due date of late Sunday evening, September 10. 

Week 1 grades, Week 3 assignment  — Apologies for the delay. Grades for Week 1 will be finished and sent to Professor Padgett this weekend. Week 3 assignment will be up later today. 

Week 3 grades, Assignment for Week 5 — Grades for Week 3 will be finished and sent to Professor Padgett by the end of week. The assignment for Week 5 is up now and will be due the evening of Sunday, October 8. (Posted 9/27/2023)


Links to all the necessary resources will be listed and updated under Resources. 

To access resources, use the Resources tab


Help is available from librarians on this and other research topics during weekdays.  

For assistance, use the Help tab