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PSY 200 - Padgett: Week 2

Table of Contents

Intro to PsycArticles

What and Where Is PsycArticles? [YouTube video, 4:21 minutes] 

(To view video in full screen, click on title in YouTube video.)

(Note: Although appearance of the Library database page has changed since videos were created, this shouldn't affect access or answers to questions in assignment. See below for screenshot of current Library database page.)

Note: Current Library A-Z databases list page looks like this: 

Library A-Z Database List Page

Visit the PsycArticles & Related Resources section in the Resources tab of this guide for links. 

Intro to APA Style

APA Style [YouTube video, 15:00 minutes]

Note: See the APA Style Resources tab in this section, as well as the Resources tab of this guide, for links to APA resources.

Journals vs Articles vs Volumes vs Issues

Journals publish articles in issues

  • Issues, which come out a number of times each year, are typically gathered into yearly volumes
  • Volume numbers increases every year.
  • Issue numbers restarts every year with each new volume
  • Volume can be abbreviated/shortened to Vol. 
  • Issue can be abbreviated/shortened to Iss. 

In APA reference citations, a journal's volume number and issue number are represented as VOLUME(ISSUE) 

  • The volume number is italicized
  • The issue number is placed within parentheses. 

As an example, journal articles in:

  • Volume 52, Issue 3 would be written in the reference citation as 52(3)
  • Volume 11, Issue 4 would be written in the reference citation as 11(4). 

APA Style Resources

Use the following resources to learn more about APA style and to help answer the assignment questions: 

Note: Links to APA Style resources can also be found on the Resources section of this guide.

Using Databases to Find Articles (Video)

Review: Last week, we explored the process of searching, filtering, and exploring in the Library Catalog (a.k.a. OneSearch) to find books and ebooks. 

Preview: Now, we'll look at applying that same research process workflow to find articles in Library databases

(Note: To watch video in full screen on the YouTube site, click on the title in the YouTube video. Also, while the Library databases page, databases, and number of search results shown might have changed since this video was created, the overall database search process should remain the same.)

Assignment for Week 2

Due by 11:59 pm on Sunday evening, 9/10/2023: 


  1. Write your answers down somewhere as you proceed, just in case something happens before you finish.
  2. To view embedded videos in full screen, click on titles in the YouTube videos. 
  3. Library database page may have changed in appearance since videos were created, but this shouldn't affect access or answers to questions in assignment.
  4. For course assignments, professors might want students to use specific modifications to the general rules of a citation style. Just remember to pay attention to what's stated in the course syllabus and asked for by your professor. (For purposes of this Library Research Session assignment, please use the rules as specified in this lesson and the APA Style resources provided.) 
  5. Note: Search Results Change Over Time — You might have noticed that your search results differ from the ones in my video tutorials. That's actually completely normal and expected, since as time goes on from when my videos were recorded the number of articles published will continue to increase in the databases. Use the number of results you get in your searches, not the ones in the videos for answering the assignment questions.