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Monday – Thursday
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About RHC Library


Welcome to your class research guide for SOC 116! Use this guide to help you find 5 scholarly sources for your SOC 116 Project.

Timeline to Stay on Track

Week 9
April 4 & 6
Library Orientations
Week 10-11
April 10 to 21
researching, finding sources for your topic
Week 12
April 24
reading the sources you found in your research
Week 13-14
May 1 to 12
begin writing your research findings for your presentation
Week 15
May 15
prepare visual aids, practice your presentation
Week 16
May 22
presentations begin, 2-page Reflective response paper and ASA works cited page due

The next 8 weeks will fly by so make sure to stay on track! 

Subject Guide

The Thing About Research Is...

Even with an acceptable research question and great keywords, you won't always find an article that's EXACTLY on your topic.

You need to find articles that are SIMILAR to your topic and YOU connect the ideas to answer your research question.