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Google Tips and Tricks - Spring 2023 Sync: Home

Google Tips and Tricks

Google Tips and Tricks Synchronous Workshop

1.   Download the Workshop Quiz sheet below.

2.   Go to Google Tips and Tricks guide, which contains the presentation for this workshop:  Google Tips and Tricks

This will open out into a new browser tab.

3.   Work through the questions from the Workshop Quiz sheet, going through each tab (see tabs at the top of the Guide).   The worksheet contains the quiz questions (formatted according to tab).  

3.   Take the Workshop Quiz.   The Quiz is available in the second tab above, and can be completed after working through the sheet and exercises in each tab.   

The Quiz can be taken unlimited number of times until you get the correct answers!

You must take the quiz to get credit for the workshop attendance.   


About this workshop:

In Google Tips and Tricks, we will look at search strategies to efficiently find information on Google.   We look at advanced search techniques.   Google provides a wealth of resources for academic work, and we will learn how to find documents, reports and presentations on topics.    Google is also a place to find public domain and OER sources for classes and assignments.

  • Completion of the quiz is required to receive credit for attending the workshop (a digital badge will be sent to you, which will act as a certificate of completion).  

Questions? Contact Librarian Carolyn Oldham at