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Asynchronous Need Articles Workshop: Need Articles Workshop

Asynchronous workshop info

The link provided here is for the recording of the Need Articles Workshop.


Link to recording of Need Articles Workshop.


Although the recording for this workshop was made in Fall 2022, the content in this video for the quiz and the requirements to obtain a digital badge are the same.


We will discuss the pros and cons of using databases versus using Google for research, as well as different source types and the difference between popular and scholarly sources. We will jump into some of the more popular RHC Library databases and do some sample searches while exploring the tools and features of each database.


  1. Download the Activity Worksheet. (Scroll down to the box titled Activity Worksheet)
    1. Fill it in with information from the presentation and database instruction.
    2. Once completed, email it to me at
  2. Pass the quiz (70% or higher)
    1. The asynchronous quiz in the box below is titled Assessment for asynchronous attendees.
    2. Results will automatically be sent to me.
  3. Complete the participation survey.

Once I have received all items, I will email you your Digital Badge. If you have questions, please contact me at


Activity Worksheet

Before the workshop, please download ONE of the files below. Choose the format that you are the most comfortable with; it is the same document in 3 different formats.

Choose from: Google Doc, Word Doc, and Fillable PDF.

Choose one and click on the link to open and/or download it for your use.

You will need to fill in this worksheet with the information you learned from the workshop.

Participation Survey for Asynchronous Attendees

Popular Databases

Assessment for asynchronous attendees

For asynchronous viewers, after you have viewed the workshop, take the assessment/quiz by clicking on the button below:

Once you submit the quiz, I will be emailed the results. If you passed with a 70% and completed the Activity Worksheet, I will email you the Digital Badge for completion of the workshop.