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Controversial Issues: Finding Books

This guide was created to assist students who are writing an argumentative essay, preparing for a debate, or writing a speech.

Rio Hondo College students can check out books from Cal State LA

Through a mutual agreement with California State University, Los Angeles, students enrolled at Rio Hondo can obtain a library card from Cal State L.A. and check out books.  Before you go to Cal State please read the information at:

Controversial Topics Books

The next step in your research process is to find a book on your chosen controversial topic.  The library has several special series of books exclusively on controversial issues (Opposing Viewpoints, Current Controversies, At Issue, Contemporary Issues, Information Plus, Point Counterpoint, Taking Sides).  These specialized books contain essays either for or against an issue, and they contain factual data to help support their argument.  

Taking Sides

At Issue

Information Plus