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Mexico & Central American Civilizations: Mayas - Videos

Aztecs, Mayas, Mixtec Indians, Zapotec Indians; also called Mesoamericans.


The following media can be located in the Rio Hondo College Library, to be viewed in the Library.

The Fall of the Maya
Call number: Video 000425 
Until 1965, the ancient Maya were thought to have been a mysterious but peaceful people governed by astronomer-priests. But then Russian linguist Yuri Knorosov cracked the phonetic code of Maya hieroglyphics. Today, researchers are revealing stories of Maya blood sacrifice, uncovering a world far different from their expectations. This program shows how, from excavations deep in the Honduran jungle to the most recently interpreted hieroglyphic writings, the story is being unraveled of the rise and fall of the Maya.

The Aztec & the Maya
Call number:  Video 000912 
The Mayan civilization enjoyed a glorious period from 325 AD to 925 AD. Skilled potters, weavers and farmers, the magnificent temples at Chichen Itza and Copan are among the legacies of a peace-loving people. The Aztecs of Mexico are remembered for their architecture, sculpture, art and for their religious rituals which included large scale human sacrifice.

Maya, lords of the jungle
Call number: Video 000218 
Archaeological work on the Mayan civilization in Central America is revealing new facts about Mayan history, religion, agriculture, social structure, and art.

Mystery of the Maya
Call number: DVD 0016
Explores the culture, science, and history of the Mayans. Discusses their work with architecture, math, calendrics, writing systems, and buildings.

Palenque : the walls of Mayan history
Call number: DVD 0078
Using the first know settlement of the Mayan culture as a setting, this program illuminates several important rites and rituals of the Mayas who lived there through the interpretations of the many inscriptions found on the walls of its main buildings.