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ESL -- English as a Second Language: Web Resources

A guide for English as a Second Language students.

Evaluating Websites

Keep these things in mind when searching the Web for your research!


  • Who wrote the page?
  • Is contact information for the author(s) available?
  • What is the purpose of the Website?


  • Who published the document?
  • Check the domain (.edu, .org, .com).
  • Does the author list any credentials?


  • Determine if any bias exists (i.e. is this an advertisement, or an organization with a motive?)
  • What are the goals of the Website?


  • When was the Website published?
  • Are there any dead links?
  • Is the content outdated?


  • Are the links relevant to the topic?
  • Do you need any special software or a paid subscription to view the information?

ESL Web Links

These websites have been reviewed by a Librarian and meet the criteria for a good website to use for research purposes. If you click a link from one of these pages, be sure to evaluate the website by using the criteria on the right.

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