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Library Displays: Display Descriptions

See our current display and photos of past displays.

Display Descriptions

Moms and Dads

This display celebrates mothers and fathers in the months of the Mother's Day and Father's Day holidays.  Read funny and touching quotes on parenthood, and see a sampling of the many books the library owns on parenting.  And, call your mother.


Lalo Alcaraz

Our display features the work of Lalo Alcaraz, political cartoonist and satirist, television writer, teacher, radio host, and speaker at Rio Hondo's Writes of Spring Festival. His work focuses on immigration issues. A sampling of his cartoons is shown, as well as books he's illustrated.


Sweet and Sour: A Local History of the Fruit-Packing Industry

Sweet and Sour revisits the citrus packing industry in the local area, c.1890-1950 and shows how packing houses have been converted to public spaces and commercial concerns. The art of the fruit crate label is celebrated, with myriad examples from the Santa Barbara to San Bernadino corridor, including many from Whittier itself.


Hail to the Chief

In recognition of President's Day, we celebrate our 44 U.S. presidents. Learn about them all- the major issues they faced during their presidencies, how they were generally perceived, and what they are remembered for.


Literature into Film

Check out this display to see 25 movies that you might not know were books first!  You'll see what novels are currently being made into films, and lots of them can be found right here at the Rio Hondo Library!  Remember, if you liked the movie, you might love the book!


Information Competency

The current display helps you make sense of information!  Find out how librarians can help you navigate information like a pro.  Learn what the basic steps are to information competency, and what services the library offers to help you climb the Information Mountain and achieve your goals!



Fourth of July

Our new library display celebrates America's birthday, with a hand-quilted flag as its centerpiece. Also featured are images from vintage greeting cards, so come by and see how the holiday was celebrated in the art of one hundred years ago.  Be inspired by the words of our founding fathers, and see a sample of the many books the library owns on the birth of America!  Happy Fourth of July!


Children's Literature

We invite you to come by to enjoy a celebration of Children's Literature.  Be inspired by the wisdom in children's books! Read lists of award-winning titles and check out those you haven't read from Rio Hondo's library. Winnie the Pooh fans will enjoy a section of the display dedicated to Pooh and friends.  The display encourages students to read to children and reminds us that children are made readers on the laps of their parents. Come see a list of 10 Great Reasons to Read to a Child Today!


Winter Olympics 2014

Our Olympics display celebrates the Winter Games taking place February 7-23, 2014 in Sochi, Russia.  It highlights the events as realized in pictograms which incorporate motifs from traditional Russian folk art.  Come by and learn about this global event with a Russian twist.




Season's Readings

This holiday display features ornaments all made of books or book pages.  Happy Holidays!



Day of the Dead 2013

Celebrating Day of the Dead, this display features the beautiful art of our own Irene Torres, and submissions of artwork by our students!



Banned Books

The installation of our display on Banned Books coincides with the American Library Association's annual Banned Books Week and the ALA. We encourage you to celebrate the fREADdom to read!  Learn which titles have been most frequently challenged and/or banned in the last decade (including 2012's most challenged titles, the Captain Underpants series), and see which of them you can find right here in the Rio Hondo College Library.  Read some of the arguments used in challenges, and see what some important thinkers have written about censorship. 

Above all, Be Subversive: READ!



Explore Los Angeles

Just in time for summer, our new display Explore Los Angeles will give you all kinds of ideas for things to do in and around the city.  Can't think of anything to do this weekend?  Really?  Stop by for some inspiration!



Happy 50th Birthday, Rio Hondo!

Stop by and see our display celebrating Rio Hondo College's 50th anniversary.  See photos of the old Pellesier Ranch, early photos of the campus, a journal from the 1960s calling Rio Hondo "Camelot in California", some reflections from the 25th birthday, artwork for a decade of faculty handbooks by Irene Torres, and more.



A New Year, A New You

What do you want to start?  What do you want to stop?  It's a new year, and time to start making it what you want it to be!  Stop by for some ideas on kickstarting 2013.



Be Cool- Think Snow!

Experience a taste of the season with our new display, Be Cool - Think Snow!  You'll see a winter wonderland that celebrates snow.  Read what interesting people have had to say about snow, from Shakespeare to Christina Rosetti to Maya Angelou.  See a sample of what Rio Hondo's library has on the polar regions: its furry and feathered inhabitants, exploration, and contemporary issues.

Though it's warm in southern California, come over to the library and Be Cool - Think Snow!



Honoring Frida Kahlo

Our new display on Frida Kahlo features many of her self-portraits and an altar honoring her for Dia de los Muertos, along with a biographical timeline, some of her memorable quotes, and pointers to some of the many books the library has about her.



Where Will Life Take You?

Where in the world will you go?  Come look at maps and travel books to inspire you to explore the world!



Vampire Lit

Check out our new display on Vampire Lit for books you can sink your teeth into.  Long before the Twilight series came out, authors from Bram Stoker to Jules Verned, Edith Wharton to Rudyard Kipling, and many more wrote about vampires.  See excerpts from their work in our display.  Have a look at what books the Rio Hondo Library has on vampires and learn a little vampire lore.  And, check out the Vampires: We're not just hot, we're fun! section for some corny vampire jokes.  This display on books with bite will give you some great ideas for your summer reading list!



What's Your Sign?

The current library display on astrology will point you to library resources on the topic and quotations from thinkers with widely differeing opinions on the field of astrology. Stop by for some insight into your personality and compatibility with others (and pets. and cars. and food.)



It's a Seuss-a-Palooza

I am in college, so what use is Seuss?

More than you know, you silly goose.

Read articles, bios, and research galore.

Until you look, you don't know what's in store!

Write a paper or speech or work on your art.

Make lesson plans, reference, rhymes- be smart!

On Sneetches, on Whoville, on the Grinch or Thing One:

Ask a librarian- information is fun!

Our new display celebrates Dr. Seuss.  Check out the "Did You Know?" section for background on Horton, the Lorax, Yertle the Turtle, and the bet that resulted in Green Eggs and Ham!  It's all here: the Cat, the books, the Grinch, and pointers to all things Seuss in library databases. 




Dia de los Muertos 2011

Our Day of the Dead display is a cheerful and inviting look at an important celebration, honoring those who have left this life.  It recognizes the hobbies and interests of the departed.  Paintings by our own Irene Torres are featured, as well as traditional paper crafts and a speed-reading skeleton with wide-ranging literary interests.  Ms. Torres' artwork will make you smile and lighten your heart.



Remembering 9/11

Our display commemorates the events and aftermath of 9/11, ten years after the event.  It honors the firefighters who were lost, and focuses on the role of tiny St. Paul's Chapel, an eighteenth century Episcopal Chapel adjacent to the World Trade Center site that served for months as a relief center for rescue personnel.



Picture This!

This display features antique cameras and the evolution of photographic processes and techniques, and highlights some of the many books in Rio Hondo's library on photography and photographers.



Chinese New Year

Our Chinese New Year display showcases items brought back by Karen Bourgaize from a recent trip to Beijing and Shanghai.  Photographs document New Years celebrations in China currently.  Come by and learn about the Year of the Rabbit!