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Gaw - Goose Chase - Spring 2022: EDEV 151 (Fri)

What You Need to Succeed

In order to complete your GooseChase Library Scavenger Hunt, you need the following:

  1. Know your Team # (number) as assigned to you.
  2. Download the GooseChase App on an iOS or Android device. (Download/access instructions below)
  3. Read the Player Instructions. (Download/access instructions below)
  4. Access to a computer, laptop, and/or smartphone.
  5. Read and go over the "Welcome to Rio Hondo Library: COVID-19 Edition" Google Slides.
  6. Read the Library's Student Services Handout.
  7. Access the Library website.
  8. Use all information and documents provided on the Home tab and GC Resources tab of this guide to help you.

Goose Chase Instructions