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Library Workshops: Extra Credit / Digital Badges

This guide provides information on the workshops that Rio Hondo College Library offers.

Extra Credit for Library Workshops

At the sole discretion of professors, course extra credit might be available for participating in Library Workshops. Upon successfully completing a workshop based on the requirements listed for each workshop, students will be issued a digital badge. 


If you are interested in receiving extra credit, please confirm with your course professor that extra credit is available, before registering and taking a workshop. Upon successful completion, you will receive an email containing a link to your digital badge, which can then be forwarded to course professors. 


Consider offering your students extra credit for taking and completing a Library Workshop. Workshops last about an hour and include instruction on a research-related topic along with an activity and assessment. Student completion of a workshop can easily be confirmed by verifying the issuance of a digital badge. If you have questions, you may contact the Librarian responsible for the workshop in question.

So, You've Finished Your Workshop...

Once you've submitted the quiz/assessment portion of the workshop, you are finished.

The librarian who conducted the workshop will receive an email notification and grade your quiz (you must submit the quiz to get credit). 

Then, the library will send a digital badge to the email address you provided. Use this as proof that you attended the workshop (we do not email your professor). The email comes from Badgr, with the subject line: "Congratulations, you earned a badge." From there, click "download" to access the badge. If you, or your professor, would like a printable certificate of completion, you can create a Badgr account, or email the librarian who conducted the workshop (we are able to create a certificate and email it to you). 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help!


Proof of Completion

Rio Hondo College Library issues digital badges for its workshops using the Badgr platform: