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Spotting Fake News in College Research: Home

Fake News

A fake news website or source provides false or misleading information and claims them as fact or news.


  1. What are fakes news sites?    Name one fake news site mentioned in the video:

  2. What type of involvement does social media play in the distribution of fake news?

  3. Are social media companies complicit in the spread of fake news?  What parties are responsible?



Subject Guide

Tabloids -- Early 'Fake News' in Print!

Examples of Fake News In Print
Tabloids: Tabloid stories were some of the first appearances of 'fake news'. Tabloids featured sensationalized, wildly exaggerated, and unsubstantiated stories designed to make money.


The National Enquirer and Weekly World News were two long-time tabloids appearing at newsstands

Examples of Fake News Online