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This library research guide was created to help you with your COUN 151 class.


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Your Essay Assignment - COUN 151

You will be creating a framework of your paper. Starting with the Topic, create a thesis statement. Using the GWC Library or other library source, find the information you need on your topic.  You will also need to submit a formatted reference/citation list showing each of the following related to your topic:  

  • One Book Reference 

  • One Media Reference 

  • Two  Periodicals (Scholarly Journal) 

  • One mass-media source (magazines, popular books, newspapers) 

  • Two web sources (valid and reliable sites).  

Each source should include 

  • Title of Source 

  • Author 

  • Publisher 

  • Date of Publication 

  • Place of Publication 

  • Number of pages 

  • Annotated Bibliography / summary of article 


  • What is your broad topic:  

  • What is your narrow topic:  

  • Develop your thesis statement:  

  • Five questions on topic that you would like to have answered:  

  • Each type of source required with source information (see above).  

  • Formatted resource page listing 


Write this up on a word document, and submit in the Exams and Assignments folder under the link for “Library Research Project”. Be sure your document is properly formatted so that I can open it. See the homepage for directions on how to save documents if you are not using Microsoft Word products.  

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