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ART 106H - Robertson - Spring 2024: Getting Started


This library research guide was created to help you with your ART 106H research assignment.

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Research Paper Assignment

A 6-8 page research paper written in Chicago Style that develops a theme that students observe in a work of art from the Renaissance through the 19th century at the Norton Simon with that of a work of art from the 1960s to present at the Broad Museum.

Library Resources:

  • Books & Ebooks (OneSearch)
  • Articles (OneSearch & Databases)

Theme: Depictions of Motherhood in Art

Image 1Madonna and Child with Book, c. 1502-03, Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio) (Italian, 1483-1520)

From the Norton Simon Museum Collection

Image 2Maggie and Connie, 1986, John Ahearn and Rigoberto Torres.

From the Broad Collection


Theme Examples


  • Sacred Places

  • Nature as a Path to Spirituality

  • Personal Paths to Spirituality

  • Lineage and Ancestors

  • Art and Science

  • Iconic Portraits

  • Portraits of Leaders

  • Art about War

  • Art as Protest and Activism

  • Art that Raises Social Awareness

  • Notions of Beauty

  • Reclining Nudes

  • The Body Reframed

  • Self Portraits

  • Identity and Ambiguity

  • Warriors and Battle Scenes

  • Images of Power

  • Art and the Environment

  • Abstract Imagery

  • Human Couples

  • Mother and Child 

  • Otherworldly Images

  • Art and Fantasy

  • Art and Community

  • Art and Family

  • The Human Psyche

  • Humor in Art

  • Exploring Race

  • Exploring Gender