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National Poetry Month: Poetry at RHC Library

A library guide used to commemorate National Poetry Month and to highlight the library's diverse poetry collection.

Poetry Books at RHC Library

RHC Library has a variety of poetry resources available to our RHC community to enjoy. If you need any assistance locating any of these wonderful resources, you can ask a librarian for help. 

The books listed below are only a small sample of the thousands of poetry related titles that RHC Library holds;  To explore more on your own or to search for your favorite poet, check our OneSearch or ask a Librarian for help. Also, check out the databases at the bottom of this page for additional resources:

Poetry Resources at RHC Library

Watch Poetry

Check out RHC Library's Films on Demand database for additional video content on poetry and other subjects.

Poetry E-books

For a full list of ebooks, browse OneSearch results here.