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ENGL 201 - Olivas - Winter 2023: Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar logo

Use Google Scholar to search for scholarly literature across multiple disciplines. Unlike regular Google searches, your results will contain articles, theses, books, and more from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities, and other websites.

Google Tips

Tip 1

Domains of websites can indicate its purpose. Common domains include:

  • .com = commercial
  • .org = non-profit organization
  • .edu = education
  • .gov = government

Tip 2

.gov and .edu sites are usually more reliable but there are trustworthy .com and .org websites too! Always check a website's "About" page to learn more about the creators.

Tip 3

On Google Advanced Search, you can search by file type (like PDF and DOC files) to find published articles, reports, etc.

Google Advanced Search

You can search the web more efficiently by using Google Advanced Search. You can filter out by domains, websites, date, file types, and more. Access Google Advanced Search by clicking on Settings from the Google homepage.