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SPCH 101 - Lai - Winter 2024: Charts, Graphs, Statistics

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Below is a sample of the login screen for off-campus access to library databases.  Use your AccessRio login and password.

Databases Searching Tips: Charts, Graphs, Images, Statistics for a Persuasive Speech

  • Opposing Viewpoints (Gale in Context) 
    1. Use the "Browse Issues" link to find a topic or use the search box and enter you topic. 
    2. The topic information is grouped by type of information. 
    3. Look for headings: statistics, infographics, images, videos, or audio.
  • SIRS - Statistics
  1. After doing a search on your topic, go to left side bar to see the box titled: “Sort By”. 
  2. Look under “Source Type” for heading/link “Images”, this is where you can find charts, graphs, images.
  • Gale eBooks (Gale Virtual Reference Library)
    1. Use the "Advanced Search" function.
    2. Type in your search terms
    3. Select (check mark) the box to "Document contains images."
  • ProQuest
    1. Type in your search terms
    2. Scroll down the screen to:  "Document Type" and:
    3. Select (check mark): "Image" or "Statistics/Data Report".
    4. Press "Search".
    1. Type in your search terms
    2. Scroll down the screen to:  "Limit your results" and:
    3. Select (check mark): "Image Quick View".
    4. Press "Search".

Statistics From Web Sources

Still Images from the Web


Photo sharing website with images for just about any topic


Wikimedia Commons

A searchable database of over 7 million digital media files