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Campus FAQ: Facilities/Security

Safety Flyer

Library Facilities Procedures

Facilities Reporting for the Library

Report any problems with study rooms, restrooms, lights, or other library facility issues to the Dept Sec, x3417.

Please provide the actual room number to the Department office (eg, LR 223G not Group Study Room 7) when reporting building or maintenance issues.  Facilities staff go by the proper names of rooms as listed on their campus plans.  

Number to call:  x3417

[per Dept. Sec., 8/26/11]

Security Location, Phone Number and Links

Location:   Security Office A117

Campus security is available for emergencies.  This includes any types of threats [earthquakes, bomb threats, threatening persons, or other types of emergency conditions]:

  • Off Campus (562) 908-3490
  • Campus Phone ext. 15 or 3490
  • Emergencies 911

Other Emergency Numbers:

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept/Pico Rivera Substation
(562) 949-2421 (non-emergency)

Los Angeles County Fire Department
(626) 444-2581 (non-emergency)

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Weekends and After Hours

Evening/Weekend College office 

Assistance at night or weekends:

Location:  A117
Hours:  Monday - Thursday after 4:30 pm, Saturday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

  • Information Booth: (562) 463-3205
    Campus Security: (562) 908-3490

The Evening/Weekend College office is available to assist students and staff during the evenings and weekends.  

This also includes non-emergency information such as class locations or cancellations, and locations of Continuing Education courses as well as standardized tests held on campus [SAT, LSAT, etc.

Information Booth

Location:                               College Drive to the left at Parking Lot 2 of the lower level parking stalls.

Information Booth Hours:    6:30 am - 11 pm Mon-Fri.  

Campus Safety Brochure

Emergency Procedures Manual [Campuswide]

Detailed manual for campus-wide emergency procedures for the whole campus community.  A print copy is available at the Reference Desk in the Library