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Campus FAQ: Computers and Wireless Access

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Plugged In at Rio

Wireless Network on Campus

Wireless Access on Campus:  

Students should choose Rio-Guest, which should pop up when choosing the option to connect to a wireless network.  

Complex technical problems with student laptops or other devices such as tablets should be addressed with manufacturer documentation or assistance from the computer or device manufacturer. 


Problems wth Wireless Rio Guest Access

Out of Date Certificate in Rio Guest Wireless Access

If using Internet Explorer 9, and Windows 7, an outdated security certificate may pop up,   [This has also occurred in other browsers and versions] Steps to take include the following:

1)  Click on the option to continue to the website:

2)  It will say something like 'Do you want to go there'  or 'Accept the certificate anyway'

3)  By clicking on the link and accepting the security certificate, you will then continue onto the Accept Rules page, with a single link at the bottom, labeled 'I Accept'.

4)  After accepting the rules, you will then be able to access the Internet.  Go to the library homepage or other search engine of your choice.

Wireless Printing in the Library

Wireless Printing:  students can print from laptop computers.  See here for complete directions:   

Directions for Laptop Printing

Mac computers on campus

Access to Mac computers on campus:

Library:   9 Mac computers with basic design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver)

Animation classroom:    The animation classroom, (LRC 104) is the main lab on campus with access to Photoshop and other design programs.  There is no open lab offered.   Check with the instructor (Mon-Thurs, mid morning to mid afternoon) for possible access to the lab before classes.   Subject to class times and needs of the animation program.