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PSY 200 - Padgett: Home


Welcome to Library Research Sessions for PSY 200 (Padgett) Fall 2021!



Session will be released weekly during the first five weeks of the semester. 

Due Dates: 

  • Week 1 (11:30 pm, Thursday, 9/2/2021)
  • Week 2 (11:30 pm, Thursday, 9/9/2021)
  • Week 3 (11:30 pm, Thursday, 9/16/2021)
  • Week 4 (11:30 pm, Thursday, 9/23/2021)
  • Week 5 (11:30 pm, Thursday, 9/30/2021)


Latest info and updates: 

  • Grades for Week 3 (3A, 3B) — Grading for Week 3 has not been completed or passed on to Professor Padgett yet. Grades for assignments 3A and 3B should be completed and passed along by Thursday. (2021-09-20)
  • Grades for Weeks 1, 2A, 2B — Grades have been passed along to Professor Padgett and should be made available shortly. (2021-09-14)
  • Session 3 PsycArticles LibGuide Video — While updates and changes made by ProQuest mean Session 3 video for ProQuest PsycArticles LibGuide is no longer accurate on layout and location of specific items, it can still be useful for overview of contents available in the LibGuide. (2021-09-13)


Help is available from librarians on this and other research topics during weekdays.  

For assistance, use the Help tab


Links to all the necessary resources will be listed and updated under Resources. 

To access resources, use the Resources tab