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Finding Ethnographies

It'd be great if there was a simple, guaranteed way to find all the ethnographies available. 

Because ethnographies are about research focusing on a particular group, region, or subject area/topic, they're often categorized and organized that way, rather than being gathered or grouped together with all other ethnographic studies. Additionally, not all ethnographies refer to themselves as an ethnography. 

However, by using our OneSearch Library Catalog, along with a few simple strategies, it can be relatively easy to begin your search to find ethnographies. 

Benefits to Starting in OneSearch Library Catalog

The Library has both physical and electronic resources in the form of books and journals (containing articles), which can come in either physical print or electronic formats.

Physical items, such as print books and journals, can only be searched for and found using our OneSearch Library Catalog. Electronic format content, such as ebooks, journal articles, etc., can be found by searching through our various electronic resource databases, which are listed on our A-Z Databases page. But electronic resources from almost all the databases can also be found by searching in just our OneSearch Library Catalog.

This makes using our OneSearch Library Catalog a great place to start. 

NEXT: Research Process

But before we get to the using the OneSearch Library Catalog, let's take a quick look at one approach to the research process with search interfaces. 

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