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An overview of the Rio Hondo College Archives


This library guide was created to provide information about the Rio Hondo College Archives.

Rio Hondo College

Rio Hondo College strives to be an exemplary California community college, meeting the learning needs of its changing and growing population and developing a state-of-the-art campus to serve future generations.


“Rio Hondo College is a collaborative center of lifelong learning which provides innovative, challenging, and quality educational offerings for its diverse students and community.”
(Mission Statement revised 12/13/05)



The Archives serves the Rio Hondo College community in the preservation of materials that are significant to the historical memory of the College. 

Archives Mission & Goals

The Archives mission and goals are to:

  • Collect, describe, preserve, maintain, and make available online selected College publications, documents, images, and artifacts that are of historical value and of educational interest to the College community.   
  • Serve as a resource to the College community to promote understanding of and education about the history of Rio Hondo College. 
  • Improve access to archival materials through a process of ongoing digitization.

Through its collection and services, the Archives promote the mission of the College to be a “collaborative center of lifelong learning which provides innovative, challenging, and quality educational offerings for its diverse students.”


Archives Collection Development

Items that ARE collected for the Archives:

  • Education Master Plans
  • Board Policies
  • College Catalogs
  • Course Schedules (through 2009)
  • Accreditation Reports
  • Photographs, image files, reports, and ephemera that pertain to the early history and the ongoing development of the College
  • Artifacts that are unique and convey the history of Rio Hondo College

Items that are NOT collected for the Archives:

  • Personal Papers
  • Employee records
  • Electronic records maintained by the President’s Office, Human Resources, and other College departments
  • Board Minutes (maintained and held by the President’s Office)

Gifts and Donation Guidelines
Gifts and donations are welcome and should support the Archives mission and goals. The Archives librarian will determine which donations are to be included in the Archives. 

Subject Guide

Location and Hours of Operation

The Rio Hondo College Archives is located in the Rio Hondo College Library.  Hours of operation are the same as the Library.   Please see the Library website for current hours of operation.

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