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What are Zines?

Zines (pronounced zeens) are DIY magazines made with minimal materials and little effort but with high-impact meaning and messages. They are intentionally anti-commercial with limited copies made on copiers or printers and can be sold, swapped, or given away. They can be made by anyone regardless of age or skill set.

Often created by marginalized or alienated individuals and/or communities, zines provide a platform for these voices (and all others) to be heard. They can be educational, calls to action, political, fun, promotional tools, informative, or personal.


Zines: The Power of DIY. A short documentary by Art Center.


Zine Genres

Zines can be about ANYTHING but here are some Zine genre examples:

  • Comic
  • Cooking
  • Education
  • Fanzine
  • Fashion
  • Horror
  • Illustration
  • Literary
  • Music
  • Perzine
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Politics/Social Justice
  • Self-care
  • Spirituality
  • Technology