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Native American Indian Heritage Month: Home

Land Acknowledgement

Rio Hondo College Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that Río Hondo College exists in an area that has been the land of the Gabrieleño/Tongva San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians and the Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians – Kizh Nation. We recognize both nations and their spiritual connection to the earth and as the first stewards and traditional caretakers of these lands. We thank our indigenous brothers and sisters for their strength, perseverance, and resistance. We also wish to acknowledge any other indigenous people who now call these areas their home, and join their struggle to maintain their cultures, languages, perspectives, and identities in our diverse district.


Celebrating National Native American Indian Heritage Month

November is National Native American Indian Heritage Month


This guide acts as a starting point for researching Native American populations using Rio Hondo College Library's resources, as well as some freely available websites. Below is an an image of Tovaangar, the area inhabited by the Tongva people.


A map of Tovaangar showing the various locations of local Tongva tribes across the Los Angeles region

Captured from the Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe website

Attributions and Gratitude

The content and links on the guide came together thanks to the incredible work of numerous librarian colleagues across the U.S, including the libraries at the University of Arizona, University of Minnesota, and University of British Columbia.